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Explanation of Hatch Labels

Every door, hatch and manhole  aboard the LST is labeled.  This metal sign provides certain information and learning to read these labels help one navigate through the vessel.  These labels were helpful in reporting emergencies because they utilized a standard method for giving describing any location aboard the ship.  Each label will have a combination of numbers and a name for the compartment.

The first number indicates the deck number.  The second number indicates that the opening is abaft of a particular frame and the last number indicates the number of the opening from the inboard out (port even numbers, starboard odd).   A letter after the numbers indicates the use of the compartment.


 A-Supply and Storage  L-Living Quarters
C-Control     M-Ammunition
E-Machinery  T-Trunks and Passage
F-Fuel  V-Voids


So in this example from a hatch aboard the LST:









So in English, 2-28-2 ESC TRUNK, would mean that the opening before you was an escape trunk, starting on the second deck, just aft of the twenty-eighth frame and is the first opening inboard out on the port side.  The second line, 4-28-2-T tells you the trunk continues all the way to the fourth deck, just aft of the twenty-eighth and here it is still the first opening from the inboard out.  This trunk gives access to: ELEC STORES 3-28-2-A or a store room for electrical parts on the third deck, which is aft of the twenty-eighth frame and is the first opening from the inboard out; and AUX ENG ROOM 4-28-O-E or the auxiliary engine room on the fourth deck aft of the twenty-eighth frame and the space is a machinery space.