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The web site will attempt to provide a detailed description of the design and interior spaces within the LST's built during WW II.  It is a work in progress.  Many pages are incomplete. 

The original inspiration for this site is Robert Alferi's thesis on LST's.  His non-published collection of information about LST's inspired me and serves as a framework for much of this site.  All pictures were taken by me (Michael Smith), except where noted. 

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The continuing improvement of this page would not be possible with out the dedication of all the volunteers and supporters that continue to work on the LST 325.  It is because we have a working vessel that so much information can be illustrated be these pages. 

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The Concept:

The concept for the LST was rooted in the need for transporting men and equipment across the seas and landing them on a shoreline that had not been developed as a commercial harbor.  An excerpt from a July 1963 LST 1076 General Information Book states, "The function of the ship is to transport motor vehicles to a beach head and have them disembark under their own power ready for battle".  Commercial harbors, complete with the breakwaters, dredged channels, piers or wharves, mooring buoys, cranes and other handling equipment, were a precious resource that would be heavily defended by the enemy.

Attacking a heavily defended commercial harbor would generally result in massive destruction of the very facilities which would be valuable to the invading forces.  The ability to land on undeveloped beaches would force the enemy to “spread out” their defensive manpower and firepower, while providing the means to deliver fighting forces and their equipment to an enemy shore.  

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