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The Galley is where all meals are prepared for the crew and any troops onboard the LST.  Galley equipment  probably varied from ship to ship and as the ships were refitted over their service life equipment was most likely replaced.  The following inventory is from the USS Page County LST 1076 in 1963.  


2-electric griddles

1-electric fry kettle

1-electric roasting oven 

1-vegetable peeler

3-40 gal. steam kettles

1-meat and vegetable steam table

1-electric food mixer


The USS Page County was also equipped with:


1-electric silex coffee maker

2-coffee urns

6-drinking fountains


1-ice cube maker

1-garbage grinder

1-electric hot plate

1-ice cream freezer

1-ice cream cabinet

1-beverage dispenser

1-milk dispenser


Some of this equipment (ice cream freezer) would be considered luxurious onboard the LST during WW II.  Later though, this equipment was common place.



28.galley2.JPG (25605 bytes)   28.galley.JPG (50362 bytes)  The galley aboard LST 325.

Serving Line aboard the LST 325.