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Welin Davit


Type                                                                              Welin Gravity

Handling load capacity with two-part wire falls,                            

through vertical drift                                                        26,000 lbs.

Handling load capacity to stowed position                       18,000 lbs.

Hoisting speed                                                                 20 ft. per minute

Time required to lower LCVP (loaded)                            1 minute  (approximately)

Time required to raise LCVP (loaded)                              1-1/2 minutes (approximately)

Welin Davit pictures


Welin Davit motor

Procedure for Recovering LCVP

With the davit starting in the upper most position, the brake is released and gravity brings the arms down the tracks to the lowest position. 

The boat falls on the cables are then cranked down from the arms to the level of the LCVP by hand.

The LCVP is now secured to the boat falls.  The boat falls are provided with an automatic releasing hook.  When they are under load the hooks will not release. 

The Electric motor is activated and the LCVP begins to come up out of the water.

Once the cables are fully retracted, the arms of the davit begin to climb back to their upper most position.

Here the LCVP is almost into its final position. 

Once the LCVP is in its upper most position a safety pin is used to secure both arms of the davit.